Chat & Chew About The Myth Of Privilege

This Is How My Brain Works: Chat and Chew with Dr. Kai

Discovery The 5 Reasons You Are Manifesting Modern Racism or Internalized Oppression

Dr. Kai Sorenson will be our guest and discuss the issue of majority privilege and the myth surrounding it. Is there a myth or is it reality!? You Decide! Join the chat and as we give your mind something to chew on Thursday.

Host By: Soul Food 4 Thought - A Different Type of Radio Experience
Your host Dr. Due Little and Dr. Des

In this One Hour Session You Will Discover...

  • What is privilege?

    How can it be applied to race in the U.S.? Who has it? Who does not? How can people with privilege affect society in ways people without privilege cannot? What is the intersectionalities of privilege.

  • Who has privilege?

    Name some examples where white people receive certain advantages – either unconsciously or consciously – that people of color do not receive. Are these examples of white privilege institutional or interpersonal?

  • What is the consequences of privilege?

    What are some of the costs of racism for white people? Why should white people work to address white privilege? And most importantly, how can all people work collectively to address issues of race and privilege?

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Soul Food 4 Thought is an inspiration to combat the constant negativity which flows through the media daily. I really enjoy the positive reflection of the human psyche while engaging spiritual truth from the host's personal experiences. Keep the authenticity Dr. DueLittle and Dr. Des, I believe your truthfulness will wake many sleepers.

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